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KOF Wing Ex 2
Adventure Games | 55.3 M| 2015-1-1
2 Players
King Of Fighter
KOF wing
Kung Fu
This update content: 1, the new figures Hugh Clement Sen; 2, shows the number of new settings added settings. Gorgeous type: set the "light gorgeous" special type KOF XIII effect: blow light effect and part of the effect in light of our XIII (if the game player computer configuration is not good please try to avoid using XIII light efficiency, because the same role Caton) 2P using color: in both use the same role 2P figure, color, to distinguish both 2P using color type: 2P color type, options for the light or dark (display language: game interface display for the simplified Chinese or English); 3, the new action set function (only use the training mode), used for fixing the action set 1P or 2P; 4, the built-in version moves the table; 5, the game has been written with our WING help documentation, to find the king of fighters WING answers to common questions; 6, repair of partial BUG; 7, improve the English version text display; 8, improve the random function, selection of random characters, the whole game every finish a field will be randomly selected roles.
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